Boston Eats: A Trip to Flour Bakery

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mission: Eat the best of Boston before I return to school in the fall.
Goal: To eat the most delicious food my little body can handle.

Target: Flour Bakery 

7:46 AM -
Standing alone on the outbound platform to get into Boston, wondering does the train even stop here today? This is regardless of the fact that I had triple checked the schedule and the ticker tape sign said it was coming in four minutes.

8:30 AM - Arrive at North Station, beeline right to the outbound Orange Line and run into an old friend. Sits on train for a minute and starts bopping along to the man blasting Cyndi Lauper's "Holiday" from his portable speaker. Checks the map above the doors now realizing that once again I'm headed in the wrong direction. Yay.

8:38 AM - Spends a few minutes pondering how I made that mistake. Then realizing that it was fate, and if I hadn't waited for the wrong train I would have never ran into said friend. Orange line inbound arrives. I get on and continue the mission thus far.

8:42 AM - On the Orange line to Flour Bakery (Back Bay Location), typing up parts of this post for later. Sinks in that I may have broken my Gilmore Girls induced coffee addiction.

8:52 AM - Out of the T, but once again walking the wrong way. Dang Google Maps.

8:57 AM - I walk into Flour. The air smells like quiche. Like ham and spinach quiche in a buttery crust. I'm in line. I place my order after having a mini panic attack at the beauty of the pastry case. I bite the bullet and buy the chocolate brioche, their famous sticky bun, and their seasonal ginger plum muffin. I thoroughly intend to share with my mom back at home.

9:01 AM - Grabs some napkins and almost walks out of the door. I turn around and find a seat in the corner, but by the back kitchen since all the window seats were full. I realized that this was a holy moment meant to be savored and enjoyed in the bakery. It smells like sizzling kielbasa or meat. Yum.

9:05 AM - I take a couple pictures then cave. I carefully peel the tape off the sides of my to-go box and bite into the brioche. That's all for me. One bite and I literally sit there with my mouth open like a dumbstruck cow. It was the best tasting pastry I've ever eaten. I've eaten a lot of pastry. I debate whether to openly sob in the corner to myself or stop one of the workers coming out of the kitchen and sob at their feet. I restrained myself.

9:22 AM - Back on the right train to get to work. Day accomplished.

The chocolate brioche, ginger plum muffin, and sticky bun

My Order/ The Review:

Ginger Plum Muffin - Super soft, fluffy and moist cake. The cake is perfectly flavored and reminds me of the way ginger ice cream tastes. The crumble is the perfect crunchy touch. The whole thing is moist and there is no "good part".  You know how you rip the muffin tops off and eat them because they are the best part? Well, the whole thing is perfectly baked, not dry and not over baked on the bottom. the ratio is amazing. The plum is interesting and tangy, a good seasonal flavor choice.

Sticky Bun - The "sauce" or glaze it's covered in is delish. Super buttery and sugary with the perfect amount of nuts. Disclaimer! I waited all day to eat this, so maybe since it was no longer super fresh it dried out a bit (I was scared to heat it up) but, the main part of the bun was a little dry though, which was somewhat disappointing. By no means was it overly dry, but I prefer a more doughy bun.

Chocolate Brioche - As you read above. Heaven. Buy this is bulk. Buy a UHaul and fill it up.

Conclusion/ Mission Notes:

With multiple locations around the Boston area, you really should make some space in your schedule to make a visit to a Flour Bakery. Chang is one of Boston's best bakers and her treats are not to disappoint. It's worth the trip, even if you go the wrong way first.

Disclaimer: This is by no means a professional, formal review. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, especially on food, so these are just my little food musings. I was not sponsored or paid to write this content, although it would not be below me to gladly accept any sort of food compensation for consumption and enjoyment. Bon appetit!

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