Boston Eats: Blackbird Donuts

Friday, June 16, 2017

Mission: Eat the best of Boston before I return to school in the fall.
Goal: To eat the most delicious food my little body can handle.

Target: Blackbird Doughnuts

Tuesday, June 13th: 

It had to be the most disgusting day of the summer outside in Boston. I was sweaty. The air was sweating. I was swimming in my own oxygen (yes, I'm aware that's not really possible...). BUT. I was on a mission.

It was my day off from work, I was in the right area, and I was going to get Blackbird Doughnuts. 

After all, I had told my dad that I was indeed going to be getting doughnuts that day, because well I really had a craving for doughnuts. Now, Boston is filled with many glorious doughnut shops and I have every intention of trying each of them, but given my location, Blackbird was first on my list.

A tiny hole in the wall, size wise, not reputation for sure, Blackbird Doughnuts sat nestled in a little strip of shops on Tremont St., a short walk from the Back Bay T stop. Once inside, a little doughnut haven appeared. Simple and straightforward in design, with shiny subway tiles, the glossy black menu board beckoned. I had to make the most important decision of the day. What flavors do I get?

For one, I really appreciated the size of their menu. While there were options for everyone, there weren't so many that my indecisive nature would hold me back from making a choice before they closed for the day. It also helped that they had little displays of their doughnuts under some pretty glass domes. Plus, right beyond the display domes was a large glass pane, so you could see the bakers at work, after all they're the "only artisanal doughnut shop in Boston that bakes on site!" 

I was treating my family, so I settled on three: the coco-razz, lemon poppy, and cold brew coconut.

So without further ado my thoughts!

COCO-RAZZ ( Juicy raspberries with creamy, tropical coconut.) - My personal favorite, this one was bright pink, and a big fluffy cloud of magical goodness. The brioche dough was super apparent and gave the doughnut a perfect bounce and airiness without loosing a nice density. The frosting was the best though. For real. Slightly tangy from the raspberries, but with the smooth aftertaste of coconut. Yum. Sweet yum. I would buy a dozen of these any day.

LEMON POPPY  (Zesty lemon glaze sprinkled with toasted poppy seeds.) - Good, but not my favorite. I really like lemon and poppy as a combination and both flavors came out, but it was just a little lackluster. I appreciate the appropriate sweetness level of this one, but it almost seemed a little too dense and slightly greasy. It seemed like all the oil it was fried in somewhat sank to the bottom of the doughnut. Not to a point where it was off putting by any means, but just a little dense and greasy texture wise, even for a cake doughnut.
COLD BREW COCONUT (Cold brew coffee blended with coconut milk. Topped with toasted coconut.) - Another yum. This one seemed to avoid the oily problem its brother had, and left me with a great coco nutty doughnut. For the fans of coconut coated cake doughnuts, this is its 2.0 version. Thick toasted flake coconut on the outside, and just the same coconut flavor on the inside. Cakey and dense, and warming (maybe because it took a 100 degree subway ride/ walk home).

Conclusion/Mission Notes:
If you're around, even it's 100 degrees outside and you really just wanna take a nap, you gotta hit up Blackbird Doughnuts. You will not be disappointed. Also pick up one of their business cards, they're beautiful.
Disclaimer: This is by no means a professional, formal review. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, especially on food, so these are just my little food musings. I was not sponsored or paid to write this content, although it would not be below me to gladly accept any sort of food compensation for consumption and enjoyment. Bon appetit!

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