Rise of the Un-Cool Girl

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

If I haven't already told you by now, Lena Dunham's Girls has been a huge inspiration and connection point lately. I've been binge-watching Girls and I can proudly state that it is one of my favorite TV shows ever. Personally, I'm definitely more of a Shoshanna than a Hannah, but the whole series revolves around these millennial girls, and their crazy, and sometimes unrealistic lives. I know this show isn't everyone's cup of tea, and that "it is about a bunch of narcissists living a privileged life in NYC" (which I do somewhat agree with), but I find it's sense of humor and style quite enjoyable.

 I also just watched, and adored, the movie Frances Ha (now streaming on Netflix)starring Greta Gerwig, directed by Noah Baumbach. Even if you aren't a fan of Girls, I highly suggest giving Frances Ha a try. The title character Frances is lovable and undoubtedly "undatable", providing a reflection of the ever so prevalent millennial girl who feels like her life is a constant cycle of falling apart and coming together again.

Lately, I've found that I've been quite drawn to these types of shows and movies about the ever so imperfect millennial woman. Now, I'm a bit young to be considered part of the millennial generation by most standards, but always being a bit mature for my age, I feel pretty attached to this new archetype. You know the twenty-something year old, cringingly weird, openly awkward, quarter-life crisis, no regrets kinda gal. This girl says and does some pretty outrageous and stupid stuff, and then regrets it, but ultimately gets through it.

She isn't your typical manic pixie dream girl thought up by the quirky, brooding, male writer; she is a real-ass woman, flaws and all. She is the complete antithesis and I think that is what makes this new, un-cool girl so compelling to me. I love that never does she ever try to write herself off as "cool" because she damn-well knows her life is a shit show, and usually her friends and family know she is too. Now I'm not saying this character is likable, because like all real people, she can be very frustrating sometimes. It's like looking back at prior mistakes you've made in your life and wanting to smack yourself in the head. She's real in the most raw way; she's relatable, and there's truth in her character.

Now the thing about this girl is that never (for the most part) do you aspire to be this girl. She's not a golden goddess on a pedestal that's for sure, but every time you see her dance down the streets of New York with a crazed look in her eyes or watch her sob on her kitchen floor with a pint of ice cream clutched in her hands, you can't help, but ask: "Am I her?"

Now lemme tell ya, I've totally been this girl on multiple occasions. I definitely feel like her and I'm sure many other girls my age do too. This girl represents the side to every girl who doesn't have her stuff together, the girl who says something that was totally funnier in her head than out loud, the girl who forget exact change for the bus, the girl who struggles with her passion and society working against her. This girl, like myself, is there to prove that life isn't all peaches and cream, but it can still be tasty.

 - ML


Do you ever feel a connection to the un-cool girl? What are your favorite quarter-life crisis movies or tv shows?

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