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Sunday, January 03, 2016

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You know that song that annoys the crap outta your dad? The song that every troupe of Christmas carolers notoriously sing in those cheesy Christmas specials? The song that Youtubers everywhere create a cutesy little (which I still love) countdown to every year? The song that makes you want to throw your radio out of the car window?

Yeah, it's called the Twelve Days of Christmas.


It's also the biggest* misconception in the idea of Christmas celebration ever.

Contrary to popular belief, the twelve days of Christmas officially takes place the twelve days AFTER Christmas

So why in the world does the universe throw Christmas out the door like a dejected fruitcake every year as the clock hits midnight and the calendar officially switches over to the New Year?

Is anyone else as pissed as I am about this?

This anger was sparked in me as I read a beautiful little article in the Boston Globe this morning addressing the same issue. The idea that we spend days upon days prepping for Christmas and counting down to the big day, only to kill it off before it even ends. 

Not only am I sad that we are cutting off Christmas, but more importantly that we feel Christmas has a very short window of socially acceptable time.

Why does all the goodwill and cheer of Christmas have an expiration date?

Why is it that we only go out of our way to do good for others and the spend time with family when the social and consumer calendar says so? 

I get it, gift giving, especially in the American Christmas sense, is definitely not affordable 365 days a year. It's not always practical to be as gluttonous as one is during the holidays year round. Also, we all have lives and it's just not possible to be celebrating all the time because how is that celebrating then? 

I don't mean it should be Christmas every day. What I'm trying to say is why can't the joy and love we feel during the Christmas season carry on with us a little longer? What's the harm in enjoying another steaming cup of hot chocolate with your family on a Sunday morning together?

 Christmas killers are like the people who abruptly switch songs in the middle of a really good moment. In the somewhat paraphrased words of Jason Mraz, "can't you at least give it a nice little cross fade or something?"

 We should let Christmas linger out and peacefully depart. There's no need to kick it out, it will leave in it's own time. Christmas is a magical and wonderful time of year, so take the time to enjoy and savor every moment.

So, if you don't mind me I'm going to enjoy my Christmas tree and another cup of cocoa.

- ML

* Marks dramatization by Mei Lu standards.

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