Playlist: Chill, It's Fall

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hetain Patel - Wood Street Galleries

In Pittsburgh, we have suddenly dropped from a humid summer to the chilly arms of fall. As I was walking to brunch this morning it started hailing, as in small balls of ice plummeting from the sky into my hair. 

I can't be any happier to say it's finally fall around here. The leaves have yet to change so I have no pretty scenic pictures for you. Instead, I have a nice image of a hole in the wall art gallery I visited with my friends this afternoon, and a perfectly cozy playlist for all your fall needs.

It's a heavily acoustic playlist, which is my favorite type of music to listen to when I'm curled up in bed or getting ready in the morning. Each of these songs were picked with the idea that it would paint the picture of fall in my (and hopefully your) head. So even if you too are in a place where the leaves have yet to change, but it's cold enough to hail, I hope this playlist can create the allusion and aura of the fall you've yet to see. 

 - ML

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