Adulting: In Target Land

Monday, October 26, 2015

 Today I finally had to face a dilemma that I had been holding off on for too long. At this point it was inevitable that I was truly and most definitely out of granola/energy bars. Therefore, I had to make the long journey to Target. ON MY OWN. 

 First, for a little background I have 8 AM ballet and don't have much time to eat or make something. Most days I just pick out my little Clif bar and run out the door munching it down before I start to warm up. Well, I had been out of my dear little energy bars for a few weeks now and hadn't done anything about it. As a result, I've either not had anything to eat before class or ended up eating the most random things such as peanut butter on caramel rice crackers, or if I had time, instant oatmeal. Regardless, I NEEDED my breakfast bars. 

 As I rolled out of bed on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I took it upon myself to pull myself together and walk my butt two blocks to get the shuttle to Target. 

Plus, I had coupons. 

Anyways, it was scary going by myself. Not only just walking to the shuttle alone, but the physical act of walking up and down the isles of Target alone was kinda lonely. Target is a place meant to be explored with others, or at least that's how I felt. How I longed to pick up the eagle mask in the Halloween isle and take a picture, giggling with my friends. Alone, it's just plain old weird. 

Another of my concerns was making sure I'd catch the shuttle back. I had plenty of time and they came frequently, but the idea of being stranded in a shopping center miles away from your school is just a little freaking intimidating. 

Long story short, I walked out of Target with my head held high, five boxes of granola bars (who knows when I'll be back again? Shopping is time consuming), and a pack of Christmas lights (for funsies) , and big ass smile on my face.

I had taken on shopping, I had gotten the job done, I had provided myself with breakfast for the next month.

I am starting to feel like a little young adult.


"Don't be scared to walk alone. Don't be scared to like it." - John Mayer

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